A Python package to copy all your Kindle highlights and notes to a page in Notion.

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Kindle2Notion is a Python script to export all the clippings from your Kindle device to a page in Notion. Run this script whenever you plug in your Kindle device to your PC. The underlying idea behind this code is to marry the solitary reading experience of a Kindle with the note-taking capabilities of a cloud-based service like Notion.


If you read digitally and highlight at all, I bet you would find this tool helpful. You can even tweak the Notion template provided to your liking.

Some suggestions based on my use of this set-up:

A key inspiration behind this project was the notes-saving feature on Google Play Books, which automatically syncs all your highlights from a book hosted on the service to a Google Doc in real-time. I wanted a similar feature for my Kindle and this project is one step toward a solution for this problem.