Author: Kim Nguyen

August 25th, 2021


Test Subject

Mobile Hi-Fidelity Prototype Reason working on responsive mobile: based on user research all participants prefer using their phone to watch movie online. Thus, to validate my design decision and test early concept, I created mobile prototyping.


Unmoderated & moderated remote testing through Maze

Participants (Target 20 participants)

Participants who:

Tasks, Errands

Scenario: Netflix has announced its new feature, which allowed you to find friends and follow them to see what's your loved ones are up to. So you decided to try this out by finding your friend named Annie Kazio and following her profile. Please show me what you would do to get there by interact with the prototype.

Task 1: Imagine you were trying to find & follow your friend on Netflix

Follow up-Q1: Did the search & following flow meet your expectation?

If No: Since you answered No, what did you expect how the flow should be?

Follow up-Q2: Please rate your experience of finding and following a friend. How easy or difficult was it to navigate and complete the task?