Hi ________, I’m Kim. Thank you for taking your time today to join this session. Before going to the interview, I would like to give you some context about the project that I’m working on. So, I am currently designing an online clothing website called CommonUs which is a low-cost e-commerce store offers different stye of clothing for all genders including adults and kids. Thus, I would like to conduct a research to gain a better understanding of people’s experience and feeling when it comes to online shopping. There are no right or wrong answers as I’m just trying to learn from you, so please feel free to share your honest thought and opinion. To begin, would you mind if I record this session so we could refer back later on?

User background:

Before going into detail of subject, I would like to know a bit about yourself to make ensure our design could be assessible for a diverse group of people.

  1. How old are you?
  2. What kind of work do you do?
  3. What is the industry are you working in?
  4. Where do you currently live?
  5. What is your marital status?
  6. How many family members do you have? Any kids?
  7. Are you interested in fashion? Which subject are you enthusiastic about?

Subject related question:

  1. How do you typically shop for clothing? Has this habit changed because of the pandemic or any factor affects the switch?
  2. Which method of shopping do you prefer? Online or physical store? a. Could you explain more on why do you like that method. b. What makes you feel off about other method? Is there any disturbing, annoyances or negatives that you want to share? c. Is there anything you could think of to fix the gap between offline and online shopping such as characteristic features in brick and motar that you would love to see with online shopping?
  3. How often do you shopping online and how much time do you typically spend on shopping online? ( Follow-up question if the answers is not often: what/which factor stops you from doing that so often?)
  4. Which kind of devices you often use to shop online and why you use that the most?
  5. Which kind of internet connection when you use when you shop online? Wifi or Cellular data (3G, 4G,5G..)
  6. Can you describe your recent experience of online shopping? Such as when was it? Where did you shop? How was your expereince overall? Are there anything that you think need to be improved?
  7. Do you have any favourite clothing brand when it comes to online shopping? Why do you like the brand? Is it because of their website design or because of their products, their competitive price, service or anything else?
  8. Which is the most important factor that affect your purchasing decision in online shopping?