My name is Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran and I'm the founder and CEO of Digital Brain — Superhuman for Customer Support. We're backed by Y Combinator and some of the best investors in Silicon Valley. I've cycled across continents, survived off of hackathons in the bay area, and helped revamp Indian malnutrition policy. I enjoy building community, having thoughtful conversations about making a difference in the world, and enjoy beatboxing.


Some things I'm proud of

Silk Road Biking: along with three other friends, we cycled from Europe to Asia (from Turkey to China) to promote intercultural understanding, sustainability and peace. The journals and stories we wrote reached over 7 million people. We were featured on CNN, The Indian Express, The Hindu, and other media outlets in India and China. SAP and the We Are Family Foundation made a documentary about my project, you can check it out here!

                         Fighting through the scorching sun in Kyrgyzstan.

                     Fighting through the scorching sun in Kyrgyzstan.

Rubik's Cubes: I picked up solving Rubik's Cubes when I was eleven. I went on to captain the Indian national team and hold 2 Guinness world records. I no longer compete professionally, but I can solve one in seven seconds and enjoy teaching now. You can check out my world record video here and read an article about it here.

Breaking of the world record for the most number of Rubik's cubes solved in one hour.

Breaking of the world record for the most number of Rubik's cubes solved in one hour.

Past Projects, Work, and Hacks

**Crashsolver AI**: 911 takes over 10 minutes to respond to every phone call. A WSJ report stated that for every minute cut off the phone call time 10,000 lives can be saved. So we built a machine learning model that was trained on public CCTV car crash data to detect if there was a car crash and send all the basic info to 911, reducing the response time from 10 minutes to near-real-time. We built this in 24 hours at YC's Fall Hackathon. You can check out a demo of crashsolver here!

                       like interface for first responders.

                            [](<>) like interface for first responders.

Infosys Prize: The Infosys Science Foundation put an open challenge to help tackle the crazy malnutrition crisis in India. I helped revamp the malnutrition policy by creating a nutrition pod that was 20x cheaper than the currently alternative, by allocating resources to each Indian state based on a proprietary algorithm, and having a more effective distribution strategy. We were the winners of the Infosys Nutrition Prize and were awarded by Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate in Economics. The prize included USD$35,000, and a chance to witness the launch of a PSLV rocket at ISRO.

Effision was a one-click solution to offset a company's mobility-related carbon footprint. We were the winners of HackMobility 2019 organized by the Shell Corporation with this project. You can check out more about it here.

Media Appearances

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