About Us

At Kelp, we build the essential infrastructure for the emerging creator economy to work. We are a small and ambitious team working to empower content creators and transform the multimedia marketplace. Our current focus is on resolving numerous issues with content attribution and copyright protection.

The project is partly funded by the European Commission initiative and supported by the Web3 Foundation. We are open source.

About our team

We are a pragmatic bunch who are not afraid to break the norms to get the stuff done. All of us share the same idea — to shift the power from the centralized closed systems to individual creators. This is not an easy feat, it brings a lot of challenges technology-wise as well in education and public perception where creators, especially photographers, are undervalued and their work is often (miss)used.

What's important for ALL positions

Perks of working with us


Hourly rate and ability to work as a contractor using your company if you wish. Bonus token compensation packages are also an option.

Our Positions