<aside> 🏗️ Rook Labs is building the Coordination Engine for DeFi.

We are creating a world where users and protocols own the surplus value generated from their transactions, and where best execution and financial services are powered entirely by this value, rather than fees. Think of Citadel Securities, but as a public good, governed by a DAO, that returns nearly all the profit back to its users.

We have deep experience in blockchain automation, MEV, and financial systems, and want to join with others like us, or teach the best candidates about this exciting area of modern finance.

Do you like solving hard problems, care about building more efficient markets for everybody, and want to work at the frontier of decentralized finance?

Apply for any of the roles below.



Long-term contributors may be full-time or part-time and are incentivized according to the Rook Labs Long-Term Contributor Incentive Guidelines.




Contract-based work

This is a grants program to fund new and potential contributors in project work. Grants let people begin contributing while they learn more about what it takes to work in a DAO, and gives them the flexibility to engage in the way that suits them best.