This tutorial will guide you through creating your first program in VR. This tutorial uses the following hardware:

Note: You can get a USB-C to USB-A converter if need be

Software requirements:

Note: Make sure that the Android Build Support module is included in your installation. If it is you will see the Android icon.

Note: Oculus is an android device

If not then you can add it by clicking on the 3 ...dots to the upper right corner of the dialogue box and then Add module → Android Build Support

1. XR Interaction toolkit


In order to build VR experiences quickly and easily it is advised to use the XR Interaction Toolkit which allows you to handle basic VR capabilities such as grabbing objects, locomotion, gestures, pushing, pulling and more. This makes your workflow faster as you do not now have to code common everyday functionalities from scratch and can instead focus on coding functionalities that are unique to your game/experience.

What is it and what does it do?

  1. The XR interaction toolkit is a framework that allows you to build cross-platform AR and VR experiences. It simplifies interactions in VR by allowing plug-n-play functionality. This allows developers,designers and novices to build AR and VR experiences more easily
  2. The XR interaction Toolkit is available as a package that is available from Unity3D's package manager