Our vision

Climate change is heating the world and the United Nations declared that 2021–2030 will be the decade for ecosystem restoration.

Nature-based solutions have a huge potential to mitigate climate change at scale by sequestering carbon, while providing substantial co-benefits such as biodiversity conservation.

At Kanop, we also think that forests are part of the solution so we help forest managers and project developers scale their operations. We leverage satellite data and state-of-the-art AI models to accurately measure and certify ecosystem services that forests provide.

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⭐️ Our values

We’re doers

We have ambitious goals that require us to act with thoughtful urgency. This means we ruthlessly prioritise our work and hold ourselves to high standards in our commitments to our customers and one another.

We’re collaborative

The only way we’re going to tackle the big problems is by supporting each other. We welcome open and honest feedback. Trust, kindness, and transparency are fundamental to our culture.

We’re unbiased

Science is objective, and so are we. We’re not interested in gimmicks or tricks that distract us from our mission. We pride ourselves on creating an ethical, data-first company and platform that can be used and trusted by our customers without ulterior motives.

We’re infinitely curious

Using cutting edge technology, we’re uncovering and measuring all the benefits nature provides. We’re continuously learning and amazed by the wonders of Earth. While we acknowledge that we can’t know everything, this kind of knowledge energises and inspires us to do our part fighting climate change.

⚖️ Diversity, inclusion & equity

We believe inclusion is the result of ongoing commitment. We want to build an authentic environment, open to everyone regardless of nationality, physical ability, family structure, age, socio-economics, civil status, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic origin, religion, belief or anything else that makes your life experience unique. We are working to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment, where everyone has a space to thrive.