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Pavel, Co-founder

Pavel, Co-founder

For engineers, designers and product specialists at Juro, being part of our team means you have the opportunity to work in a **small and fast-moving team** that will give you the ownership to **craft your own work** with autonomy so you can have a **visible impact** on the company's growth and **build your own career** – with Juro and beyond. All while building a product that improves people's lives.

❌ You're in the wrong job now if...

From the people we've spoken to (a lot!), we've found that the reason they're speaking with us comes down to a few pain points. Most people complain about these things in their current role and/or company:

We've tackled all of these at Juro to make our team the best to work for. Read more below about what makes working at Juro unique, our stack, our team and open jobs.

Nastia, Brand Designer

Nastia, Brand Designer

At Juro I feel like I’m respected as a professional, my voice is heard and **my opinion matters**. Our value «Be more human» works on every level — inside of our company and how we present ourselves on the market. There’s also **complete transparency**, you can find any information about any department in Notion. That feels really **honest and involving**.

🧬 Our team DNA

We work with the garage door open. The most common questions people ask us:

Members of our Product and Engineering teams are makers. They're driven by working towards long-term career goals and are comfortable with the high level of autonomy they're getting in the team.