Jumpstart are looking for Student Ambassadors to join our team to help us spread the word about Jumpstart at your university🧑‍🎓.

Our mission? To get exceptional people into start-ups. Your mission? Encourage more students from your university to apply to Jumpstart! 💯

Who we are

Jumpstart was created to flip the job search on its head. Our founders Kabir & Matthew set out with a hunch that grads were getting increasingly tired of sleepwalking 😴 into corporate schemes and that startups could provide a far more energetic and fulfilling career, giving graduates huge responsibility early, with exponential room for growth 🚀. We’ve since proven this hunch right. ✔️

The Role

We now want to triple our graduate intake. 📈 This means we need students like you to help us spread the word about Jumpstart. This will involve thinking creatively and coming up with lots of your own ideas💡, but at the beginning we’ll also have some ideas to get you started.

Organise events with top societies. Get a budget to fund guerrilla marketing campaigns, like food trucks for sign-ups! Bring in and meet Europe’s top startups and founders. Help collect and create content for our socials. Think of the role as a cross between marketing and events! 💥

We’re looking for proactive, sociable people, who are diligent and who will work efficiently with our team. We do not want to waste your time⏳. Instead, we want you to work smart so you can manage this role alongside your degree, all whilst having a great time at Uni!

Perks? You bet.💥