updated Dec. 2018

Read the Chinese intro here: 关于“彩虹特工队”课程的介绍(教师版)

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What is Food Heroes (Mission)

Food Heroes is the leading food education curriculum for kids aged 5-9. We empower educators to transform children's dietary habits in the classrooms, at home, and in their communities. Food Heroes creates positive dietary habits that unleash the potential in children’s minds, bodies, and hearts.

Food Education is the secret ingredient for a better world

Over the course of a year, or 37 classes, students and teachers play games together to discover the impact of food across the web of life. Students accompany 5 Food Heroes in their journey to unlock the right combination of foods and help them win over food villains to save the world. After conquering all 3 Quests, students become Food Heroes who eat with love for their bodies and planet.

Food Heroes appeals to everyone because everyone is fascinated with food. Everyone has their food struggles. Through exploring our relationship with food, we can heal ourselves, we can connect with the people around us, and we can bond with the nature that sustains us. In other words, Food Heroes teaches children how to be better people with self love, sharing love, and loving our world.

Why Teach Food Heroes

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