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And now we get to F: Find trusted coverage.

Sometimes when you investigate the source you'll find that the source is sufficient for your needs. We saw, for instance, an article on global warming written by a person that was an expert on the impact of climate change, and even though their point — that some activists were exaggerating climate impacts — was annoying to some on both the left and the right, we saw the opinion and analysis worthy of our attention.

Sometimes we can't determine the reliability of the source. And most of the time we don't really care about the source at all. We just want to get an accurate story on the subject from somewhere.

When the initial source you encounter is low quality and you just care about the claim your best strategy might be to find a better source altogether. We're going to show you how to do that in this lesson.

But first a story about Keanu Reeves.

Next up: Quick checks for other reporting: Keanu Reeves

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