I'm Jordi Bruin.

I create digital products that help people**.**

Before starting Good Snooze, I worked at Triple as a so called Concept & Innovation Designer for 8 years. That's a fancy way of saying I helped clients create great products from start to finish.

I aim to help others around me grow into their best self. I thrive in dynamic and evolving teams where I can work on a variety of products and ideas with smart people across different fields.


I'm pretty good* at:

*I've linked (⇢) some related projects for each of these, for the full list scroll down

In my free time I enjoy yoga, videogames, discovering new places in Amsterdam, listening to music and building side projects!

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Good Snooze

In 2021 I decided I wanted to spend 95% of my time working on my own projects. I love it when I have an idea, that I can turn into reality in a weekend. Most of my own products start from a personal need, be it an app to easy check for allergens that I made for my girlfriend, or tools to make indie development life easier. I try to solve one problem really well, and then expand from there without biting off more than I can chew. These are the things I'm currently working on:


Soosee - Allergy & Vegan Food Scanner

🤩 Featured by Apple

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Easily check for allergens and ingredients in the products you eat by scanning ingredient labels with AR. It works in 17 languages and allows anyone to make better choices about the food they consume. More info ⇢