Read over our Papa Pal Service Scope

<aside> 📖 In this document, you will find details on what tasks are approved or unapproved at Papa. If you are still unclear if a requested task is approved or not, please contact Papa support to find out.


What to do…

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable during a visit

<aside> 🚨 If you see something in the home that makes you uncomfortable or feel unsafe, **you should leave.

Once you feel safe, call Papa support at** 800-775-5697 or report the issue here so we can learn more and address the situation, as needed.

**If you need emergency help, call 9-1-1. ****Emergencies are situations that require medical help (an ambulance), police, or firefighters right away. Call Papa support after to share with us what happened.


If a member asks you to complete a task that is not approved by Papa

🗣 You can respond: “I’m sorry, I haven’t been trained or approved to handle that type of task. However, I’ll certainly document in my visit notes that this might be something you are interested in Papa offering in the future. If you have any questions or concerns, I recommend you reach out to Papa support. In the meantime, I’m happy to help you with a different task that is included in our Papa services.”

<aside> 💡 Note: If the member indicates an unapproved task was completed by a different Papa Pal from a prior visit, apologize for any inconsistencies they experienced and have them reach out to Papa support for questions about visit tasks Papa Pals are approved to provide.


If a member asks you to complete a task that is different than the one originally listed on the visit

🗣 You can respond: “It looks like you requested a visit for help with (task originally listed), I’ve been told to give you this number (800-348-7951) to contact Papa support to update the visit type. In the meantime, are you sure that I can’t help you with the task listed on the visit? Alternatively, I can use our time to contact Papa on your behalf to update your visit type if you think you might need help with that.”

<aside> 💡 Note: Some of our members are a part of Papa through their health plan. Eligible services are negotiated by each health plan, which means not all members are eligible to receive certain services offered by Papa. For example, if a member is scheduled for housekeeping and then decides they want transportation, they might not be eligible for the new visit task requested.

In this case, please have the member reach out to Papa support to update the visit task if they are eligible for the new service being requested. You may use the existing visit time to call Papa support on the member’s behalf as long as you remain in the presence of the member or if enough time is left, our Papa support team may instruct you to continue the visit with the newly requested task change.