Who We Are

MyWorld is a mobile app helping users achieve a more sustainable lifestyle - like Duolingo is for language, or MyFitnessPal is for diet. We are building a platform for the 65% of people who want to take climate action, but are not able to pay or donate directly for it - but can influence change through their actions.

Users connect their transport and banking data and are given information about their daily activities and nudged towards behaviour which is planet positive - earning points for those actions.

We create value through advertising, and affiliate deals with sustainable brands in our marketplace (think Honey, but for brands with a purpose) and we allocate a significant percentage of that revenue to our partner and shareholder Conservation International which is deployed in key projects in places like Peru, Colombia, the Amazon and Kenya.

We are aggressively product (and planet)-first and are looking for others who share that passion.

🔥 Some key highlights 🔥:

Check our website here: www.joinmyworld.com

💰 We pay bounties for great referrals!

💵 £2,000 for Technical Hire

💵 £1,000 for Non-Technical Hire

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