We spend 90,000+ hours of our lifetime working. Those hours are what contribute to humanity’s progress. The technological, philosophical, economic, and humanitarian progress our world sees comes largely from the working part of each human’s day. But today, 85% of global workers report feeling disengaged at work. That 85% includes millions of brilliant minds who are not giving their full potential to this earth. Imagine if we could help workers everywhere to find work they loved, and to navigate the inevitable challenges of work life while remaining engaged and contributing. How much more progress could be made towards the world’s most pressing problems? Here at Crew, we’re on a mission to help millions of people find and maintain joy and fulfilment in their work.

Crew is building the infrastructure for the modern career.

Crew is an early-stage startup building a career design platform. Our platform provides tools, coaching, and peer connection to help people discover and stay connected to the things that truly matter in one’s career. If LinkedIn is your public facing professional persona, think of Crew and our proprietary Career Canvas as your internal persona that keeps track of all your strengths and achievements. Instead of scrolling job postings and other people’s updates on LinkedIn, you come here to find clarity and confidence in your work.

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