We are building a ‣ to work together in the challenge of scientific machine learning. Collaborating with scholars across the Tübingen research campus and colleagues from the Tübingen ML community, there is no shortage of exciting problems and knowledgeable, nice colleagues to tackle them.

PhD projects

We will be looking for candidates with a strong background in software engineering and Bayesian inference.

<aside> 🚨 We announce fully-funded positions on our website, but we also run a list of funding lines you can apply to. Write to us if you are interested and send us brief CV and statement of interests for context.


Student assistant positions

We are currently looking for candidates for the following positions:

BSc and masters' theses

If you would like to write a thesis with us, tell us about your background, the courses you have taken, and your research or programming experiences.

If you already have a research topic or question in mind, do include a brief description. We also have a running list of potential Bachelors and Masters thesis–level project ideas which we would love to discuss with you. Some example of projects we are keen on:

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Student assistant position for reactive notebooks m/f/d