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✨ Who we are

We’re a small team of digital explorers with backgrounds at YouTube, Facebook, Coinbase, MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge, as startup founders and as early members at companies like Improbable, Allbirds and Lyft. we’ve come together around a shared vision and are dedicated to creating important and positive experiences for cyberspace. we're well resourced (unannounced rounds) & backed by top-tier investors, including the backers of companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, Snap, and Twitter, as well as the founders of companies like Zynga, VSCO, and Scale and the people behind artists like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lorde, Logic, and Panic! At The Disco, and many others.

We care about building a genuinely diverse team. We are a majority-first gen immigrant team and sponsor visas — we think that’s important as we build towards enabling easier digital migration. We share the same values of individuality, empathy, reliability, kindness and humility. One big overlap among our life experiences is contrasts: contrasts between our own upbringing and the world around us, contrasts between what was expected of us and what we ended up pursuing and our bringing together of contrasting, interdisciplinary worlds.

Interests across the team span robotics, stand-up comedy, poetry, fandoms, fly fishing, deep learning, sociology, memes, jazz, skateboarding and much much more. 👐

Some characteristics that we share: