Reboot is an intellectual community that strives to be the literary voice of tech. To this end, we host an event series and newsletter that convenes book-lovers, writers, and technologists to imagine the future of tech, humanity, and power.

Reboot is looking to bring on 1-2 people as part-time contributors and operators to grow our community. Apply below:

Apply to contribute to Reboot

about the role

We're looking for contributors to commit 6-10 hours a week through the end of 2020. The main deliverables are reviewing books for the newsletter and supporting event operations.

This is an unpaid role—Reboot doesn't make money!—but I'll buy you a couple books a month and you'll get the opportunity to talk to your intellectual heroes. This is also age- and location-agnostic: the most important things I'm looking for are writing/speaking skill and a fresh perspective.

about reboot

You can learn more about Reboot and our current goals below:

contact us

Questions? Shoot me an email at with "Reboot" in the subject, or send a Twitter DM to @jasminewsun.