Timothy Luke and John Palmer



The Uniswap Grants Program continues to grow as a vital part of the Uniswap ecosystem. To date, $1.4M dollars have been awarded to 38 grantees working on tooling, usability, security review, documentation, community efforts, and education.

For a decentralized, open-source protocol like Uniswap, this kind of collaborative building effort plays a crucial role in ecosystem growth. The future of Uniswap depends not only on the Uniswap Labs team, but also on a rich community of collaborators who are all building on the same protocol. This is why the Uniswap Grants Program exists.

If the goal of UGP is to foster this kind of environment, its visual identity is an important opportunity to broadcast the values of the organization.

Brand architecture

The Uniswap Grants Program presents an interesting branding challenge. UGP is tightly tied to the Uniswap protocol, but it is distinctly independent from Uniswap Labs the company. This requires a visual identity that reflects its connection to the Uniswap protocol without coming across as a sub-brand or internal program within Uniswap Labs.

UGP Messaging

Messaging & values

Uniswap Grants Program is a collective of builders from all over the world who are building on a shared foundation. Though every grantee can work completely independently, UGP serves as a sort of meta-guild that links everyone together, providing financial resources, community, mentorship, and a voice within the broader community.

With every wave of grants, UGP becomes an even stronger and more capable collective. We join forces to do important work that benefits the ecosystem at large.

The message of UGP is an open invitation: Come build the future of Uniswap.