Disclaimer: The following is the monthly report provided by founders. This document updates the progress made by the team, main metrics, successes, and challenges to become the main platform for team building activities.

Hey everyone,

<aside> 📑 Why are we building Onsite.fun → We want to increase the culture and wellness of remote teams. The current conditions have increased employee's anxiety and isolation from their colleagues and teammates. We help teams and companies increase their productivity and relationships regardless of their location.


Quick summary: December was a strong month for us as companies allocated their money towards making online activities. Our team was well-aware of the seasonal nature of our business and focused on promoting activities to teams and organizations that were looking up for alternatives. We now offer 19 virtual activities, created 3 new blog posts, onboarded 4 new clients and created 5 new prospects. Happy about our operations and the market dynamics, we believe this is just the start of a solution for many, necessary. Chatting with customers and prospects has helped us identify new valuable insights. We are eager and excited to deploy more in the coming 2021.


The good:

Looking back at some of the objectives for this December, we are really happy overall about the results: