Building a podcast app in public. I will post updates here.

Why a podcast app? I think they all suck and lack some common sense features that I want. I’ll reveal the specific features when the MVP is ready.

Development Blog

I first started working on this a month ago before switching focus on to my other projects ( and However now I’m switching focus back to this podcast app.

I’m giving myself a deadline of 2 weeks, or until November 25th to get the majority of this done for the MVP. Thanksgiving holiday is November 24th so the deadline is as hard as super strict. But at least by December 2nd I should have a functional MVP to show.

2022-11-11 1.5 hours of work on backend, setting up TypeORM/TypeGraphQL/Apollo, database tables, and writing script to fetch and save a podcast RSS feed to database

2022-11-12 1 hour 15 minutes of work on backend getting the script to also save podcast episodes to database.

2022-11-12 2 hours - Set up frontend with Apollo, podcast list and podcast page pages functional and fetching data from API, cleaned up search bar



2:43pm adding latest episode feed, starting to come alone


Episode page right now:


12:33am did a solid 2 hours of work, mostly boring stuff like saving necessary podcast metadata (itunes object for audio file duration). Bought a domain name.

Am a bit concerned now that I might need to have native mobile apps to enable the user to download podcasts for offline use, a vital feature for mobile. I’d wanted to just make a mobile web app, but not sure if I can accomplish that feature with just a web app.

In any case I’ll still persist with this as I still see possibility for this to work. Worst case I can outsource native mobile app development.

I do still need to test my app on mobile. It seems there will be two issues with just a mobile web app (one mentioned above)