Notion Task Management Focusing on This Week


The most innovative features of this template is the creation of powerful task filters related only to this week with a timeline view. This filters include:

1) All completed or uncompleted tasks within the week, including subtasks and pre- and post-tasks, such as: Task A done on 01/02/2023, Task B undone on 02/02/2023;

2) Pre-tasks with subsequent tasks within the week, regardless of completion, such as Task C done on 20/12/2022 which yet has a post-task D in this week;

3) Tasks not completed in the past: Task E undone on 15/01/2023.

This feature, in addition to other helpful components, such as a weekly review system and goal tracking, makes this Notion template an invaluable tool to help you focus on your tasks this week and pave the way for your career.

最終更新: 4 か月前