Multi-account login 🏠 🏢

New features

  • Switch between your work account & personal account 🔄
    Use Notion with multiple emails? Now you can quickly and seamlessly access workspaces associated with different email addresses — no more logging out of one account to log into another!
    To add another account, open the workspace menu at the very top left of your sidebar, then click or tap Add another account.

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a long standing issue where the hidden sidebar expanded too easily, and stayed expanded, when moving your cursor out of the window

  • Slash commands in English such as /todo or /page are now supported in the Korean version of the product

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from switching their language from Korean back to English in the desktop app

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Sorry, that request was too large. Try import instead? error message when using large or complex database templates

  • Fixed a bug that prevented custom icons from appearing on pages created with a database template

  • Fixed a bug that caused the property type button in databases to be unresponsive on mobile