The Inner Cycle is a tight-knit community of menstruators and non-menstruators working everyday to reimagine the period experience to be more empowering and inclusive.

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In addition to connecting with other badass menstruators, being an Inner Cycle member means you have access to free and exciting perks such as —

✨ Opportunities to learn and talk about...

✨ Game nights, movie nights, craft nights!

✨ Mindful moments of reflection and movement (Yoga, workouts with professionals!)

When were we founded?

While we started off as a very small group in June '20, our official community space (as a part of August) launched on Geneva chat in late October '20, and we've been growing larger and stronger ever since!

Where are the Inner Cycle Members?

We have so much love for our very international Inner Cycle family. As a collective, we span across 45+ countries! Do you see yours below?

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