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Welcome to Itoka Jukebox, the first discord music streaming service that grooves your server with on-chain music. With Itoka Jukebox, you get 24/7 access to a wide variety of music from your discord server. Plug Itoka Jukebox into your server and start to enjoy wonderful music now!


Tutorial Video:

Setting up Itoka Jukebox

Itoka Jukebox is designed to be easy to use. Simply invite Itoka Jukebox to your server by authenticating it with your account via this link. By inviting Itoka Jukebox to your server, you acknowledged that you have read, understood, and agreed with our Term of Services and Privacy Policy

After inviting and authenticating Itoka Jukebox, please do the following:

  1. Create a dedicated category to put in Jukebox music & Jukebox command channel.

  2. Create a text channel for using commands for Itoka Jukebox.

  3. Create and join a voice channel for Jukebox music to be played.

  4. Set the following permissions for Jukebox:

    1. Command Channel: enable “View Channel” for Jukebox
    2. Voice Channel: enable “View Channel” & “Connect” for Jukebox
  5. Stay connected to the voice channel while going back to the text channel and typing in the following command:


    This will let Jukebox remember your server settings. Jukebox will process the command in the text channel and play music in your voice channel.

Now you can move on to start playing music!

Play Music

Our Itoka Jukebox automatically generates a random playlist containing all playable music from our Itoka MuXiv platform. Directly enter the voice channel and you can start enjoying your music right away!

Play Queue Management

By default, Itoka Jukebox will randomly pick a song to play. However, you can manage the music order using a built-in play queue. You can add the music you want to listen to next to the queue.

Type the following command to add a random song in the play queue.


If you would like to listen to a specific song, you can use the following command to add it to play next following the current one:

!play 12

Where 12 is the index of the song to play.

You can check the index of the music on our Itoka Muxiv website

For example, if you want to play “Seaside Bicycle”, check the index as shown in the following picture.


Then type in:

!play 7

For user experience purposes, we currently don’t support instant music change. Your music change will only be taking place after the current playing song is over.

Once the play queue is empty, Jukebox will return to play a random song.

Advanced Information

Automatic Play-Pause & Reconnect Mechanism

Listening Time Recording

Move Jukebox to a Different Channel?

Recommended Playlist

Here are some recommended playlists for you to quickly locate the music you want! You can check out these songs on our Itoka MuXiv Platform.

Focus Time:

Lofi Lover:

Itoka’s Legacy:

Smooth & Comforting:

Groovy & Dynamic:

Getting slow with wine

Travel alone

Metaverse Rhapsody









!play [Index]






!h (!help)

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Term of Services

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