We’ve funded 150+ founders and deployed tens of millions in venture capital, but still have so much work left to do to support the ecosystem. A lot of what we do requires the raising of capital (yes VC’s need to raise money too!), so it’s time to look for additional help to make sure our LPs hear our story and are taken care of.

We’re looking for a Investor Relations Manager to shepard potential LPs through our fundraise process, communicate with them on our vision, strategy, and results, and secure capital for our next few funds. This will be primarily a fundraise and sales role.

You won’t be alone, and will work directly with Brian and Hsu Ken who have both raised a significant amount of capital (hundreds of millions). This is perfect for someone who’s done the fundraise job before as a founder, or was exposed to LP fundraising previously and ready to take on even more responsibilities potentially to start your own fund in the future. If you love pitching, telling founder stories, and meeting interesting people everyday, you’ll love this job.

What You'll Do

What You'll Bring