To increase the GDP of Southeast Asia through entrepreneurship, we need to make entrepreneurship more accessible. In talking to current and future founders, the most common obstacles are they (1) don't know how to start and/or (2) don't think they can do it. The former is solvable and the latter is rarely true. We believe producing practical, relevant, empathetic content is essential to solving both at scale.

The content associate will help the content lead produce a library of content and tools for current and future Iterative founders. That entails creating content (via interviews, research, etc.) and repurposing content that’s naturally generated as we work with companies during the batch.

In doing so, you’ll build relationships with founders from some of the fastest growing startups and gain insight into the challenges they face. This is a phenomenal role for someone who is interested in learning more about startups, is excited to interact with founders and is a clear and concise communicator.

You can see some of our existing content our blog, newsletter and podcast. We’re looking for someone to take it over and make it their own.

What You'll Do

What You'll Bring