Airport as a Destination

Rotterdam The Hague airport is a small regional airport in the Netherlands, mainly used as departure point for low-cost holiday flights. Travellers often experience time pressure and stress when commuting to the airport, and whilst moving from baggage drop through security control, to boarding gates, and finally to the aeroplane. By innovating with new technologies and services, Rotterdam The Hague airport hopes to become less of a necessary transition from local transport to the plane, and more of an interesting mid-travel destination in its own right. For example, remote baggage drop will be introduced in the coming years, meaning that passengers' suitcases will be picked up from drop-off kiosks or homes before their journey commences. Not only will this reduce queues and stress at the airport, but it will encourage and make viable alternative modes of transport to the airport itself (a scenic bike route, for example).


Our brief is as follows: to design an interactive product or installation that enables passengers to experience the Rotterdam The Hague airport as an enjoyable mid-travel destination.

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