Hey Neighbour 👋🏾,

This is a resource space where you’ll find information, materials etc that help you design your experience as a digital resident.

Here are important things you’ll find here:

About the digital residency

The Itana digital residency is a digital community of African innovators, creatives and builders who believe in the future of Africa and are creating solutions to actualise that future.

We created the Itana Digital Residency, a first step in accessing a plethora of our digital services and becoming a physical resident in Itana.

We are an international and diverse group of ambitious technologists and artists who are actively building a future they believe in.

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Our Lingo

Our language would be created by us so Lingo would continue to evolve and expand.

Itana: The name of the City

Itan: A resident of the city (digital or physical)

Neighbour: A casual name we call each other.

Neighbourhood: A virtual space created for smaller groups in the community for people with similar interests.

Community Guide

Community Guide

Slack Guide

The digital residents are housed on Slack. It’s pretty easy to set up. An invite would be sent to you, and once you accept you’ll be directed to the community. You should download a mobile version as well so you can stay in touch on the go. Once you join Slack complete the following: