Away from the borders and coasts, Kansas City-area students are often surprised to find just how many international academic and professional opportunities await them. Launched in 2018, this unique college and career fair brings students to the table, with dozens of international businesses, organizations, colleges, and universities, to show them just how global their future can be.

College & Career Fair for Students

In 2023, Your Global Future will combine aspects of previous years to offer:

Why You Might Be Interested

Eye-opening programs like Your Global Future are made possible through the generous support of sponsors, which ensures that the program and transportation are cost-free for students. We're pleased to offer a range of sponsorships this year to increase your visibility and impact with students, teachers, other organizations, and the broader community – both at this event and through the year.

Sponsoring this event will help you be known within the education sector of Kansas City. It's a great opportunity to recruit interns and future employees from the next generation of world leaders.

Learn more about organizational membership for businesses, colleges and universities, and nonprofits.

Benefits by Sponsorship Level

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Registration for booths and sponsorships is open on the IRC website.