Whether joining as an individual or a family, our goal is to help you connect with like-minded individuals through conversations that matter.

You know how important it is to sit down at the table and talk with people who have different backgrounds and experiences. We want to give you opportunities to grow and be a part of what’s happening in Kansas City and around the world.

At the IRC, we anchor global realities, foster aha! moments, mend social fabric, and welcome diverse perspectives.

The following information explains how membership can benefit you.

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The World Out There: Gain

Global Insights from Global Experts

At IRC events, you’ll be able to hear directly from ambassadors, academics, royalty, and other global experts. You’ll go beyond the headlines to see the big picture, and hear directly from experts.

Past events include:

A Few Notable IRC Speakers:

1955 – Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady, Diplomat, & Activist

1982 – Admiral Robert Long U.S. Navy, Pacific Commander in Chief

2003 – Madeleine Albright Former U.S. Attorney General

2010 – Condoleezza Rice Former U.S. Attorney General

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The World At Home: Connect with

New People and Perspectives

What's is the most interesting part of the IRC? Your fellow IRC members. Our goal is to make it easy for you to have fun, make friends, and hear from new and diverse perspectives.

These opportunities look like: