monetize your internet skills / get work done

<aside> 👉 join here — to monetize your internet research skills


<aside> 👉 join here — to get someone do hard internet research for you


what is this?

a way to monetize your advance google skills.

a way to get hard internet research done.

why is this?

because it be nice

also you can get the highly coveted "i know how to google" endorsement for your resume

what this is not?

get rich quick or other bs. no simple manual jobs you'd do from reddit or mturk etc.

this is a place for finding stuff from hidden corners of the internet. we're a small group of ~30 people rn & everyone is 1st/2nd/3rd degree connection.

how does it work?

Step 1: bounties for a gig are submitted using this form by those looking to get work done.

Step 2: each poster is vetted & once approved, bounty is escrowed via Venmo and gig shared with everyone on bounty hunter list.

Step 3: ??

Step 4: profit! whoever gets it done first by the deadline takes away the 🤑 via Venmo

example gig?