👋🏽 Innovating Bitcoin, Innovating The Community

At the core, the Innovator Programme enables active and trusted community members to earn rewards for contributing to the success of Interlay & Kintsugi.

📖 Wait a minute, slow down, what’s Interlay?

<aside> 🚀 If you’re new to the community you can take your first step towards becoming an Innovator by reading up on the Interlay & Kintsugi protocols.

Interlay is the proud creators of the worlds first completely decentralised, trust-less and fully interoperable Bitcoin bridge. iBTC is here.

Take a deep-dive into our docs page here: Interlay Docs


📖 Ive read the docs, what’s the Innovator programme?

<aside> ➡️ What This Is 👇 ****The Innovator programme is a system which enables community participation and contribution towards the success of the Interlay & Kintsugi protocols.

We’ve rebranded, reimagined and refurbished the programme, creating a community like no other.

How does it work? 👇 Innovators complete a variety of tasks, challenges and bounties, ranging in difficulty and variety, ensuring there’s tasks for everyone, ranging from creative NFT creation tasks to educational video making.

  1. Community members part of the programme [Currently limited to Innovators & Explorers] are given one of two ranks, Innovator / Explorer, on discord which allows them access to the third party platform we’ve partnered with, DeWork.

  2. Your rank grants the user access to the ‘Innovator Category’ on discord aswell as access to the discord post-it task boards and access to the innovator-General chat where you can communicate and network closer to the team and with other Innovators!

  3. Due to DeWork’s discord integration capabilities your rank on discord automatically carries over to the DeWork allowing you access to rank specific bounties, tasks and challenges limited to Explorers, Innovators and so forth.

Explorers will be granted access to paid explorer based tasks & bounties only, where as Innovators will be granted access to both Innovator & Explorer based tasks & bounties.

Not an Explorer or Innovator but interested in getting started? 👇 ****We encourage community members to take part and dive in head first with the community! If you’re interested in taking part then be sure to click here for more information.


📈Rank Progression

<aside> ➡️ Part of the programme is rank progression, where you’ll unlock more rewards, bounties and benefits as you progress

Explorer The Explorer rank means you’ve started your journey towards becoming a fully fledged Interlay Innovator. We’ve recognised your hard work within the community, now you get the wear the badge.

🌟Innovator Congratulations you’ve been officially recognised as an Interlay Innovator, you now a proud representative of true Bitcoin DeFi

****💫Visionary The visionary role is reserved for those in the programme who’ve shows dedication, patience and leadership qualities. As a visionary you’ll start taking on more responsibilities, taking charge and helping lead and direct the programme.


📖 Hold up, there’s benefits!? 👀

<aside> ➡️ Explorer Benefits👇 1️⃣ Access to networking opportunities 2️⃣ Access to the Innovator Category of the Discord via the ‘Explorer’ Rank 3️⃣ Access to the Explorer section of the DeWork where you’ll gain access to paid tasks, bounties and initiatives, paid in vested INTR.

Innovator Benefits 👇 1️⃣ Access to everything above and available to Explorers 2️⃣ Access to the Innovator section of the DeWork where you’ll gain access to paid tasks, bounties and initiatives, paid in vested INTR 3️⃣ The ability to represent Interlay at events across the globe, alongside the team as-well as in places the team cannot travel to. 4️⃣ Invitations to future exclusive events hosted by interlay & its partners, where you’ll be given first dibs on tickets


🏁 Starting Point - Your Innovator Journey


So you’re interested in joining the elusive Innovator club? We’ve prepared a handy go-to check list & guide on how to get started

🚨This is a rough guide only! Completing these tasks will not ‘guarantee’ your place within the programme, but we definitely will have noticed you. Hint! A pro-tip is to be as active as possible not just within the DeWork, but also our community channels on our Discord & Telegram!

Getting started👇

The Purpose



Read up on the Interlay & Kintsugi protocols.

Ensure that you understand who we are and how we operate

Read up on the protocols here: