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👋🏾 Hey there!

My name is Saielle DaSilva and I’m a product leader with experience across design, product management, and usability research. I’m on a mission to engage product leaders, designers and product managers on topics including leveling-up, inclusive culture, and building highly productive product environments.

How I can help:

I help designers and product managers get hired, build stronger portfolios, assess the needs of their teams, and think strategically about the growth they're after.

I also help product and design leaders shape the practices that will take them and their organizations to the next level. Leadership topics include things like inclusive hiring, design critique, helping solve hairy people problems, and more.

Topics can include:


Over the past few years, I've done a lot of 1-1 mentoring with leaders and individual contributors in product organizations all over the globe. I've run dozens of these sessions and gotten some great feedback from others.

Check out some kind words from people who I've chatted with in the past:

Uzochi Enworom Product Manager

"I recently reached out to Saielle while applying for product manager jobs and he went the extra mile to ensure my success and confidence in my abilities. She helped me with my resume, offered me sound advice, and just overall encouraged me to not give up.

She's been a major contributor in my journey to becoming confident in my abilities and I'm very grateful to him for that. Saielle is a natural mentor and for anyone pursuing UX, specifically product management, I would recommend her with the utmost confidence."