Below is sharing some facts to discover more information about FluxStore apps. You will know the reason why and how much our Clients love to use the apps.

What is the Non-tech Customer feedback?

Most Clients do not have a technical background but they are able to use FluxStore apps to install and publish to App Stores. If you also have a little bit of coding knowledge, that's easy too.

Is the app builder free for usage?

Our customers have designed their apps beautifully using the free drag&drop FluxBuilder tool. You can customize DESIGN/UI of app for free. Download it here.*R11xOyOvthCmj-1HWmElvw.gif*VavAxXf8bh1Em-ZrBruasQ.gif

Could i see some latest features screenshots?

Please take a look at the latest features (Woocommerce). You also can check out our blog with great features.

Demo screens

Could I see some real app showcases?