<aside> 🥷 Welcome to the Injective Ninja Masters Ambassador Program!

Injective has become the fastest blockchain built for finance with an ever growing ecosystem. These achievements were made possible not only because of its unmatched technology but also because of its rapidly growing community.

Now you can directly help create the future of finance by becoming a Ninja!

Who Can Join — The perfect ninja ambassador embodies unique perspectives, a strong knowledge of Injective, and a deep conviction for the world of Web3 finance. — You can come from any walk of life (writer, designer, developer, trader or crypto enthusiast).

What Will You Do — You will develop and execute new ways to spread the Injective message while launching a diverse array of growth initiatives. — Some ways you can contribute include content creation, social media, technical development, meme creation, blog writing, community management and more.

What Can You Earn — Exclusive early access to special perks and giveaways — Rewards in INJ tokens which will be distributed monthly — Receive limited edition Injective merch — Get your very own Ninja Pass — Gain access to the most promising projects in the Injective ecosystem — Opportunity to receive future airdrops — Rewards are expected to increase as you level up your Ninja rank

How Can You Join The Program — Get started by reading through this short guide below — Join us on Discord to get connected with the community and to stay updated — Anyone can get started with the program as a Ninja to start accessing rewards — In order to move up in rankings to earn additional rewards you can fill out the short optional application here

Start Your Application to become a knight (optional): Link


Table of Contents

Ninja Masters Ambassador Program

1.1 Introduction

Injective has experienced rapid growth across its ecosystem as the only layer one blockchain optimized for building Web3 finance applications. A major reason behind Injective’s success to date is its vibrant community worldwide.

Now Injective is introducing the brand new Ninja Masters Ambassador Program to further help accelerate Injective community growth and adoption. By becoming a Ninja, you can play a major role in shaping the future of Injective and Web3. The program will allow participants to engage with Injective like never before while also enabling them to earn exclusive rewards, tokens and perks not available to anyone else.

The vision for the program is to serve as a vital link between the Injective and the broader world of crypto, to accelerate the decentralized growth of the Injective community which serves as the core backbone of Injective.

1.2 Program Structure & Rewards

The Ninja Masters consist of 5 ranks. Every task you complete will earn you points and gaining more points is how you can level up your ranking (explained below).

A higher rank unlocks more rewards and benefits!

Ninja-Rank-2 (2).jpg

| --- | --- | --- | --- | | Ninja | A new Injective community member | • Follow us on https://twitter.com/Injective_

• Join conversations on https://discord.com/invite/injective

• Passion for Injective, Web3 and the crypto industry

• Add a ninja 🥷 emoji next to your Twitter & Discord names | • Join the fastest growing community shaping the future of Web3 finance and stay updated on the latest news | | Warrior | An entry-level ninja agent who has learned the basics | • Engage actively with official Injective content on Twitter (like, retweet and share)

• Participate in Injective Discord conversations

• Reach level 5 on Discord

• Add a ninja 🥷 emoji next to your Twitter & Discord names

• When you feel ready, complete the https://injective.typeform.com/ninjamasters to level up your rank and become a Knight (you must be a Warrior for at least one month before applying. You will also need to provide a list of tasks you have completed.) | • Participate in promising projects deploying on Injective • Become a true early adopter of the Injective ecosystem • Get the Warrior role on Discord | | Knight | An elite contributor to the Injective realm.

Knighthood is granted only to the most promising warriors. | • Successfully pass the application process to become a Knight

• Reach level 7 on Discord

• Add a ninja 🥷 emoji next to your Twitter & Discord names

• Create useful content to onboard new users and ninjas (i.e. Twitter threads, articles, tutorials, videos, translations, memes, etc.)

• Engage with the community every day (i.e. share content, educate new members, etc.) | • An invitation to the private ninja ambassadors channel on Discord • Get the Knight role on Discord • Gain early access to ecosystem projects • Opportunity to receive future airdrop rewards • Earn monthly rewards in INJ tokens based on your contribution | | Lord | A very high ranking noble member of the community who is revered across the metaverse.

Lordship can only be earned by the greatest knights. | • Become an accomplished Knight and/or regional leader in the Injective ecosystem

• Reach level 10 on Discord

• Add a ninja 🥷 emoji next to your Twitter & Discord names

• Foster and grow your own group of ninjas (i.e. a strong regional community)

• Lead community discussions

• Help operate dedicated Injective channels (i.e. local telegram groups, Twitter accounts, etc.)

• Routine calls with the core Injective Labs team to organize new initiatives

• Spearhead the production of localized content (e.g. content translation, infographics)

• Create new ideas to grow the ecosystem

• Bring new opportunities into the Injective ecosystem (i.e. developers, integrations, partnerships) | • All of the above benefits • Get an exclusive Ninja Pass • Receive limited edition Injective swag boxes • Early access to Injective alpha • Receive support and community grants to run local Injective meetups and initiatives • Invitations to exclusive Injective events • Earn potential exposure via the Injective Twitter and Discord accounts for your content • Direct access with the Injective Labs team for early user testing of new products • Get the Lord role on Discord • Receive a higher tier of INJ monthly token rewards | | Master | The legendary ninjas who will help lead us into a new era of Web3.

Only the most distinguished Lords are able to achieve Master status. | • Become a true leader in the Injective ecosystem

• Reach level 12 on Discord

• Add a ninja 🥷 emoji next to your Twitter & Discord names

• Take major initiative in leading and guiding existing ninja ambassadors

• Showcase a proven track record of recruiting new ninja ambassadors

• Work closely with the Injective Labs team to launch successful campaigns | • All of the above benefits • Potential for a full-time job in the Injective ecosystem • Potential to co-host events and meetups with the Injective Labs team • Direct mentions and shout outs on social media • Exclusive events with the Injective Labs team (i.e. private dinners) • Represent Injective in the broader Web3 community • Get the Master role on Discord • Receive the highest tier of INJ monthly token rewards |

1.3 New Ambassador Onboarding Process & How to Level Up

The Ninja Masters Ambassador Program consists of 5 rankings: Ninja → Warrior → Knight → Lord → Master

You are able to move up in rankings by reaching a higher level in Discord plus fulfilling other requirements such as actively engaging in social media and making meaningful contributions. Moving up in rankings will unlock more benefits and potential rewards.

Complete requirements are displayed in the table above in Section 1.2

Important Notes