At a high level, Infinity Road is a human x travel x technology membership network designed to help organizations develop an alignment stack among individual curious, action-oriented humans, the organization mission and global philanthropic systems.

A Space for Imagining the Future of Work

We are a small startup in California, USA with a big dream. Infinity Road will expand to offer its members content, community, and collaborations as well as experiential learning programs and annual gatherings in beautiful, off-the-beaten path spaces around the world.

Work as we know it is a dead end. A more beautiful future is within reach.

The world is undergoing fundamental changes: a growing wealth gap, a mental health crisis, an obesity epidemic, growing social divide, and the great resignation.

The nature of work is changing too.

Out: Old-school bosses, command-and-control, binaries, profit first, win-win, an obsession with data and optimization, over-efficiency and reduction, extractive business models.

In: People, planet, purpose; regenerative and circular business models; decentralization; equity; fluid identities; diverse, inclusive workplaces; sensitive, conscious leadership.

To thrive in this new reality, we need to build work spaces that are imaginative, playful, and sustainable.

It’s time to remember the future.


The Infinity Road Philosophy

Being human has become increasingly complex. Evolving from the “figuring it out” phase, to “thriving in my role as a human” to “sharing wisdom with others” then “manifesting my worldview” takes a lifetime. Even with information at our fingertips, at an individual level, we aren’t fully equipped to process where technology is taking us.

And the most relevant ideas that give the most vibrant color to how we think our way through complex problems at the convergence of man and machine are not easily accessible.

Colorful ideas require creativity, courage, and boldness-rigors of thought that do not come from rational sense-making, but from feeling. In the West, value is most understood through the lens of reason and reductionist application of thought.

But increasingly, more humans are waking up to the value of making sense of things with a cohesive, integrated approach, where a shift into a heightened awareness of both rational and emotional modalities requires recognizing the infinite value of curiously exploring the unknown.

Today, spaces where purpose-driven humans can find sense with, not in spite of, their imaginations, are few and far between.