We work with companies trying to make the world a better place by producing original TV commercials and viral video campaigns

Delivering great ad campaigns is tough work and Indie CF could only help a handful of the companies it wanted to. To achieve their social mission, they realized they would have to make an impact in a much bigger way.

From pre production to post, Experts will think solution with you

Pre Production 10-2 days

Project Orientation collecting data, draft, contract, scenario, Storyboard PPM, Client Confirm

Production 10-20 days

Produce shooting, Edit sequence, Sound pre edit, Voice recording, Mixing sound design

Post Production 10-15 days

Final Editing 2D, Animating Client Confirm, TV ads Deliberation , Delivery of Final Ads

IndieCF is an advertisement production company helping good enterprises or groups to make advertisements on the basic of human happiness.


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