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welcome to my portfolio ā€” currently, I'm designing at FluentPet, facilitating connections with connected hardware. The collision between creativity, tech, and science is where I feel most at home. Let's chat!

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Hobbies: writing, photography, reading, yoga!

Hobbies: writing, photography, reading, yoga!

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šŸ‘‹ Irene Hou

šŸ“ San Diego, CA

 [My Resume](<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DjPloKMEZ_sq3deVS2E0noE6pU3eJs_iBG5-NOJ5O4s/edit?usp=sharing>)

Iā€™m a Chinese-American San Diego native. Having published an award-winning science-fiction book at age 14, I've always been drawn to the collision between arts and science.

My love for education, writing, and Chinese culture inspires my design work to be more conscious, culturally-inclusive, and accessible to marginalized populations.