This feature introduces iCloud Sync for shows, multi task support on iPads, and a new UI.


New Features

These are the new features in this version.

iCloud Sync for Shows

If you have multiple iPads or iPhones using the same Apple ID, then your show files will be shared and synced between devices.

This is not real time sync like Google Docs. There is some delay.

Multi-task Support on iPadOS

You can now run iHog side by side with your favorite notes app that also supports Multi-tasking. Devices running iPadOS now have multi-task support.

New UI

There is a new UI that supports multiple screen sizes and configurations.

Punt Page feature on iOS

The Punt Page feature is now available on iOS \(iPhones\).

All Tasks, Bugs, and Enhancements


IHOG-58 Create about section in app IHOG-54 Receiving "I don't know what to do with this message" on fader move need to react to it IHOG-44 Programming side IHOG-43 Playback and Programming IHOG-22 Store in coredata and cloudkit IHOG-21 Playback object views IHOG-19 Setup screenshot automations for iOS IHOG-18 Add a new show function IHOG-16 Playback panel IHOG-14 Delete and edit show objects IHOG-13 Multitask Support on iPad IHOG-12 Device settings functionality IHOG-10 Kind Keys and Encoder Wheels need a way to have fine control IHOG-9 Add OSC functionality to all views IHOG-8 Make server port dynamic IHOG-7 Programming object views IHOG-6 Edit object window IHOG-5 Make navigation work IHOG-4 Encoder Wheel Functionality and Design IHOG-2 Front panel layout


IHOG-55 Play button is cut off IHOG-53 Faders do not work when communicating from device to Hog IHOG-48 Most playback buttons don't trigger OSC because there is no button function IHOG-41 Show objects are not listening to AppStorage properties IHOG-32 iPad Buttons Get Squashed IHOG-30 Show settings view crashes when open IHOG-28 Playback view does not align on smaller screens IHOG-27 iPhone 12 Pro Max rotated horizontal does not have proper layout