About this guide

Welcome to MigraCode Europe: A European Network to promote Open Tech Education for Refugees and Migrants. In this guide for organisations that are part of the network or that plan to become part of the network, you can find all detailled information about what the network entails and what its current objectives are, what kind of partners there are, our communication guidelines and more useful information.





Best practices

Transnational activities

Background information

Funding opportunities



Notion workspace

This Notion workspace is under constant improvement and development by the main leads of the network, with input from all the different partners. To receive comment or edit access, on the MigraCode Slack.

Trello board

Any current work and future plans for the network and for this guide can be publicly reviewed on this Trello board. To receive comment or edit access, please contact @Vincent van Grondelle on the MigraCode Slack.


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