I went to PEC in early September and stopped by many antique shops. There was one in particular that seemed to carry things at a price that made sense to me. I couldn't stop thinking about this $5 chair I saw and the potential in that chair. When I returned, of course, the chair wasn't there. It also wasn't feasible to drive a few chairs all the way back to Toronto.

It just so happens that the weekend I returned from PEC, I found these abandoned on the curb while taking a walk. My friend Amanda happened to be visiting from Vancouver and we happened to be able to pick them up. There was something so serendipitous about the whole thing. These chairs will always make me think of my friend!



The chairs weren't in BAD shape but they were tattered and used. I was really inspired by Kylie Jenner's home in Architectural Digest. Specifically, I've been fixated on the mismatched dining chairs concept.

I went to home depot and picked up wood paint and spray paint. Then I stopped by value village for some old curtains that I would use to re-upholster the seating.


It wasn't easy as I was missing a few key tools. I still need to actually fasten the seats to the frame but here's more or less the final outcome!