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About Idle

Idle is a yield aggregator and rebalancing protocol dedicated to creating a single infrastructure to access decentralized finance yield-generating protocols. It provides innovators and developers with the tools they need to create easy and accessible experiences for their users.

Logo kit download (⤵️):

Idle Logo

$IDLE (governance token) kit download (⤵️):


Name: $IDLE governance token

Ticker: $IDLE

Contract Address: 0x875773784Af8135eA0ef43b5a374AaD105c5D39e

IdleTokens (pool tokens) kit download (⤵️):

IdleTickers Kit (v3).zip

Name: IdleDAI - BestYield Strategy

Ticker: IdleDAIBest

Contract Address: 0x3fE7940616e5Bc47b0775a0dccf6237893353bB4