🛠️ How it works

  1. 📝 Fill out this application form:
    1. Small-size grants (<$15k) are issued directly by Treasury League and publicly announced only if you are selected;
    2. Medium and big-size grants (>$15k) are approved by the Governance. Dev & Treasury Leagues would help you fine-tune the proposal.
  2. 🏆 Governance/Leagues officialize you as grant recipient;
  3. 💪 Work on your task and deliver the assigned tasks;
  4. 💰 Receive the grant, and move to the next Idle challenge!

📌 Tasks under Governance radar

Need inspiration?

📝 Check the community roadmap to know if there is already a discussion about the task you would like to develop.

Need support?

Tech Assistance: Discord - #💻-devs channel

Operational Support: Discord - #🛠-support channel

Email Contact: 📨 info@idle.finance