The following will show you how to create a shortuct on iOS to convert an image to a JPEG, or if it is already a JPEG, how to reduce the size of the file.

Converting an Image to JPEG


Did you know that when you use CMD-SPACE to search for an application, that you can drag the icon from the search results to open the app in slide over or side-by-side mode? That can be useful when the app you want to open is not in the home bar area at the bottom of the screen.

If you do a screenshot of a webpage, you can change the view from screen to full page and then save the whole page.

After clicking the share icon on Safari, notice there are options at the top of the share sheet. This gives you a chance to save the content as PDF.

The Slide-over window is similar in function to the main window. There is a little pill at the bottom allowing you to scroll through the windows. And a pill at the top to allow dragging.

In Hardware Keyboard under Keyboard settings you can change the function of the Caps Lock Key. For instance if you are a Vim user, you might want to change it to do Escape.

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