👋🏽 Thank you so much for being part of the Clubhouse community! Below is a list of what we shipped in each recent release.

Mon, 5/23

Hi again! Got some of that new new for you today…

🫂 New App Icons: She's a pop singer songwriter with an amazing wardrobe, he's a journalist who can match you with your ideal Pokémon in under 60 seconds...can I make it any more obvious? Yes I can, it's Calista Wu and Daniel Anderson, your new app icons!

🧭 Fresh New Nav on iOS: Starting today, some users will see a a more intuitive way to access the app’s most critical features across the app. We hope you like it!

That’s it for now. See ya!

Thurs, 5/5

Hi all — Happy Thursday! Excited to share this app update with y’all... it’s an exciting one!

🫂 New App Icons: Our new app icons are some of the most dedicated mods on Clubhouse — Pyotr Kurzin and Anna Olizarivska, along with a team of 24/7 moderators around the world, have been running the Ukraine Sitrep room for 67 days straight. Over a million people have come through to share news and stories from the ground in Ukraine, even as official information is hard to come by.

That’s it for today- see you around the Hallways!

Mon, 5/2

Hi all — Happy Monday! Excited to share the next app update for y’all!

🔍 Search in ping bar: Some of you may see a new search button in the Ping Bar, which shows up in Social and Private Rooms. This makes it easier to find someone specific that you want to adcd to the room.