👋🏽 Thank you so much for being part of the Clubhouse community! Below is a list of what we shipped in each recent release

Thu, Oct 14

Hi all — Happy Thursday! Cue the music...

🎶 Today we’re introducing Music Mode, a new setting that helps you sound your best when performing on Clubhouse. Whether you’re workshopping that new song, playing piano, or hosting a jam session with your friends, Clubhouse will optimize for music instead of voice capture and support stereo audio when Music Mode is turned on. You’ll also be able to use professional audio equipment for your performance, like external USB microphones or mixing boards.

To enable Music Mode when you’re on stage, tap the three dots and select “Audio Quality” from the menu. Then choose the “Music” option to start your jam session. For those listening, you can stay in the audience and experience the amazing sound. :)

🔎 Search right from the Hallway! We want to make it even easier for you to find that creator that made you laugh, that language club to practice your speaking skills, or a room about that breaking piece of news. To start searching, just scroll to the top of your hallway for the search bar. And bonus - you’ll now be able to wave at your friends directly from Search! 👋

That's it for now. As always, thank you for being part of Clubhouse! 🙏🏽

Wed, Oct 6

👋 Say Hello to our new icon: Mandiie Martinez! As the new month begins, it’s time for us to say a huge thank you to the current face of the Clubhouse community — comedian, philanthropist, and elevator of aspiring creators, Leah Lamarr. Assuming the mantle (starting to get Batman vibes) is multi-hyphenated creator and club organizer-extraordinaire, Mandiie Martinez, who will be the face of Clubhouse for October! Welcome Mandiie! You can more about our new icon on the Clubhouse blog.

🔗 Introducing Clubhouse Links! Many people have told us they prefer private Clubhouse rooms to phone calls or video chat. There’s something nice about seeing people’s photos and knowing who’s talking, without feeling any pressure to turn on your camera. It would be great if you could just grab a private Clubhouse room link and drop it in a calendar invite, like you can with most video chat services. Now you can!

To grab a Clubhouse Link, just tap “+ Room” in the hallway, then tap “Share a room link.” A unique link will get copied to your clipboard so you can text it to a group, drop it in a calendar invite, or add it to an event listing anywhere. The room will be private — open just to the people who have the link — and you’ll get notified when people join.

We hope this feature will make it easier for you to have 1:1s, for moderators to catch up privately before a big conversation, for creators and community organizers to host private events, or for friends to reconnect on a regular basis — for monthly drinks, birthday parties, or virtual watch parties for their favorite games and shows.

Clubhouse Links is rolling out in beta on iOS today, and we’re excited to see how people use it. Please test it out and send us any bug reports!