Realtime is the way for people to find and create experiences nearby in 10 minutes or less. It’s like Uber for experiences. In the past few weeks we’ve seen anything from a 407 person party spun up in 72hrs to a group of women going to get their nails done in 10 minutes. Realtime is truly an authentic social layer for GenZ online and offline....and we also have some pretty cool Web 3 things in the works!

Our vision is that Realtime will be the dominant way in which the entire world translates online social interactions into IRL communities. A lot of amazing builders and creators believe in this vision.

💰 Realtime is backed by:

Just to name a few...other investors include founders and senior leaders at some of the dopest orgs, like Snapchat, Behance, Adobe, Kickstarter, Meetup, Tinder, Facebook and many more! Check out the full list here.

📰 We're catching some headlines too:


Our founder considers himself more of an artist than a technologist. As a college dropout, he knows that the best people and ideas come from unexpected places. We’re building a company passionate about changing the way GenZ creates and discovers amazing new experiences.


You’ll join Realtime as an integral and vital part of the engineering team. You’ll blur the lines between engineer and product designer at times, brainstorming and executing on the best ways to foster community and authenticity on Realtime. Plus you'll use a modern tech stack and utilize the best tech available (full tech stack here).

We have high standards of quality, so this job will be fast-paced and collaborative, with an emphasis on “getting things done right,” and not just getting them done.

This role is full-time remote, and will work with engineering, design, and our CEO and Head of Operations.