Important Links and Info

Our website is

Our community is on Discord (most channels are hidden from the public, but once you become a participating member, you get access).

We have calls every WEDNESDAY, 9am PST (on zoom here).

$GEMS tokens are our internal accounting currency. Contribute $$$ > get $GEMS. Contribute work > get $GEMS.

We are selling i4 DAO memberships here, which come with voting power + $GEMS tokens:

How DAOs Work

DAOs allow groups of people to make decisions together fairly and transparently.

A DAO controls a pool of funds (and in our case NFTs). Any action taken by the DAO (sending assets to people, selling assets, buying assets, etc) are taken by submitting "proposals" to the DAO. Proposals are then voted on by DAO members. If the proposal passes, the action is taken.

In our situation, our DAO also has native currencies, $XGEM and $GEMS, which can only be minted by the DAO. This currency is used to pay people internally, and over time, we may expand its utility, and provide rewards to members according to the $XGEM / $GEMS they hold.

Unfortunately, blockchains cost money to use. For the time being, we bootstrapped a DAO structure which would minimize our costs, outlined below.

Our Temporary DAO Structure

It is important that our DAO exist on the mainnet Ethereum blockchain (for many reasons, not worth going into here). However, this is the most expensive network to be on.

In order to keep transaction costs low, we opted to launch a second DAO on Rinkeby (the Ethereum testnet!), which is where DAO members will participate / vote on proposals. This DAO can be viewed here, and has the native $XGEM currency. Anyone who receives $XGEM will be sent an equivalent amount of $GEMS on the Ethereum mainnet.

$GEMS are minted by the mainnet Ethereum DAO, and sent to a Gnosis Safe (a multisig, viewable here) which is controlled by elected DAO representatives, which execute all actions taken by the Rinkeby DAO. This Gnosis Safe also controls all crypto from sales.